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In order to help you grow your travel business, we have created a Youtube playlist dedicated to offering you advice and guidance along every step of the registration and booking process. This playlist features video guidance and demonstrations on how to add your agency details, set your mark-up, top up your wallet and proceed with making bookings.

youtube buttonWe’ve also created a short video to show you how to get started. Just follow the step-by-step demonstration and you’re ready for take-off!

You can also follow our blog! Its helpful articles such as how to use digital marketing to drive sales, define your pricing and value and top travel trends, will keep you up-to-date and give you top tools to build your business.

If you do find youself still feeling lost, don’t forget that our account managers are always there to help you! Keep an eye out for invitations to meet them at the FlightSiteAgent Workshops, where we offer valuable sessions on everything from the latest products to marketing. You can also schedule a telephonic training session at [email protected].

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