Get to know some of the people who have signed up to become FlightSite Agents and learn how they have managed to become successful travel agents.

Errol Matode is a FlightSite Agent

Errol Matodes

Meet Errol Matodes, 64 from Johannesburg and owner of Sport Tours. After retiring from a career in travel that lasted 36 years, Errol took the leap of faith and combined his love of sport and travel to launch his own specialised travel business called Sports Tours. Now in its 10th year, it caters for individuals/groups that are interested in attending local or international sporting events, such as the current Rugby World Cup. FlightSiteAgent piqued his interest about two years ago after he read about the business model in a travel trade publication, he has been using the platform ever since. According to Errol, life is very exciting in this ever-changing industry as each day is a challenge but a rewarding one!

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Nelly Okpala is a FlightSite Agent

Nelly Okpala

Meet Nelly Okpala. A former accountant, Nelly turned her love for travel into a profitable business: Havayan Travel and Tours. Her biggest challenge as an independent travel agent is beating the competition, so she ensures she provides a variety of offers, services and incentives to keep her clients happy using FlightSiteAgent. She says that a love for travel, an understanding of the industry and good customer relationship skills are the keys to her success. Nelly runs her business with her husband and is the proud mother of two. She is an avid movie fan and loves spending time with her family.

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Lauren Davies is a FlightSite Agent Mike Davies is a FlightSite Agent

Mike and Lauren Davies

Meet power couple Mike and Lauren Davies.  This husband and wife duo founded M&L Travel after the travel bug bit in their early twenties. They initially started their business to travel more and on better fares. But once they realised how simple it was to offer clients the option of booking flights through M&L Travel, they focused their attention on marketing their business with the potential to grow. They say that running a business from home is a great opportunity to offer a custom service without the overheads of a normal office-based travel agency. But to succeed they suggest you need to be able to share your personal travelling experiences and go the extra mile for your clients. When they’re not arranging dream vacations for clients, they enjoy a good movie, working in the garden and exploring the beauty that Cape Town has to offer.

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Mark Ferrao is a FlightSite Agent

Mark Ferrao

Meet Mark Ferrao – Director at SK Chemtrade, a flavour and product development company. With a client base spread across Southern Africa, coupled with plenty of trips to Europe, the SK team travel a lot. After hearing about the FlightSiteAgent platform Mark started using it as an in-house travel agency. Not only is it cost-saving for the business, it is convenient and allows him to make tailor-made short trips. According to Mark there are a few advantages of booking company trips yourself: it allows you to keep track of a travel budget, shows all future bookings on one spread sheet and reprints tickets. When Mark isn’t traveling for work, he enjoys playing cricket and spending time with his family up the West Coast.

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Charmaine Lawreson is a FlightSite Agent

Charmaine Lawrenson

Meet Charmaine Lawrenson, owner of Dream Destinations. After exploring a few diverse career paths and hearing about the FlightSiteAgent platform through word of mouth, Charmaine decided to take the plunge and start her own travel business, Dream Destinations in 2013. This go-getter starts each day by reading Travelinfo, scouting for special offers and checking-in with her clients. She says to succeed as an entrepreneur in this competitive industry, being motivated and having the confidence in your business is key. To unwind, she enjoys reading travel articles and planning her next dream holiday.

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Liezel Gouws is a FlightSite Agent

Liezel Gouws

Meet Liezel Gouws, full time Business Studies lecturer and mother of two. This multi-tasking extraordinaire started her travel business after hearing about the FlightSiteAgent business model on the radio. Since she’s always been a keen traveller and no start-up capital was needed, she decided that it would be the ideal opportunity to turn her passion into a part-time business and so Voulez Travel was born. Liezel has always had a great love for travel which she passes on to all her clients. “If you have a passion for travel, a head for business and are able to walk the extra mile for your customers, then becoming a FlightSiteAgent is definitely for you”, advises Liezel.

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