We offer a whole host of travel products essential for all travel consultants. Since 2013 we have been offering wholesale flights and later on we added accommodation, cruises and bus fares. This enables independent travel agents, entrepreneurs and SME’s to start their own travel business. We now provide agents with a complete list of essential travel products which our agents can either mark-up or earn a percentage based income on. Please note that due to the nature of each product, not all these are available to book online.



Set your own commission and book flights on the FlightSiteAgent system.


Earn 10% commission on all busses booked through the FlightSiteAgent system.


Set your own commission when booking accommodation on the FlightSiteAgent system or make use of our Booking.com login to earn 10% commission.


Book holiday packages and cruises through our account managers at info@flightsiteagent.co.za and earn a percentage commission (depending on supplier).


You can either book a cruise as a package through our account managers or you can use our special MSC logins and earn 10% commission.

InsurancesmallTravel Insurance

An essential part of any international holiday, travel insurance should be booked on www.FlightSite.co.za. You can earn 10% commission on all policies issued by you.


Download our product guide for a complete list of available products and find out how to book and pay for them as well as how your commission will work. The commission structure is different on each product and sometimes you might have to action it by sending a mail to finance. This handy 2 page guide can printed on one page for easy reference so that you’re never left feeling confused. You’re welcome to contact the team if there is still any uncertainty with regards to commission. In some cases it might not be possible to recover commission if a booking has been made incorrectly.