How to make moolah using FlightSiteAgent


As you’re reading this we can assume you’re either a fully-fledged #flightsiteagent or a newbie to the platform; either way – unless you’re in the travel game just for the pure love of it – you want to know how to make the m.o.n.e.y.

A quick preamble: FlightSiteAgent’s founder, Rian Bornman, launched the platform so that independent agents like you, who don’t necessarily have prior travel experience, can earn an income either part or full-time. In other words: he wants you to make moolah and has come up with lots of clever ways for you to do so.

But, while there are no hidden terms and conditions when becoming a FlightSiteAgent, there are a few must-know rules to making it work for you.

In this post, we’ve packaged it up so you have the important bits handy for when you next make a booking.

  1. Not all commissions are equal

Flights, busses, accommodation, cruises and packages…. While they’re all travel products that you can book through FlightSiteAgent, their commission structures are different. Here’s how:

  • Flights: Simply add on your own mark-up to the nett fare that you see on the platform e.g. 15% onto R1000. Your mark-up will be paid directly to you or your FRAG ID as soon as your booking has been confirmed and payment processed.
  • Busses: The FlightSiteAgent system redirects you to Pick n Pay’s website to book busses. A 10% commission is already included in the fare. To claim it, send your FRAG number and booking REF to [email protected].
  • Accommodation: Either book via FlightSiteAgent and, like flights, add on your own mark-up. Or, if you’re using our link, your commission will already be included in the fare. Keep in mind that your commission will only be paid to your FRAG ID two months after the client’s stay has been enjoyed. So don’t bank on it for this month’s budget; instead think of it as a nifty savings plan.
  • Packages: Book through our account managers by sending them a mail at [email protected]. Commission structures do differ from supplier to supplier but you’ll receive 75% of the commission paid to your FRAG ID and FlightSiteAgent will take 25% of the commission.
  • Cruises: Book either as a package – i.e. through our account managers – or directly with MSC Cruises. 10% commission is already included in the MSC price which the client pays. You’ll only pay MSC the nett amount (e.g. quoted price minus 10%).
  1. Various payment options

There are a few ways that you can pay for the travel products available on FlightSiteAgent.

  • You or your client can use a 3D secure credit card. If you use your own card, you’ll have to collect payment from the client.
  • You or your client can EFT funds into your Wallet – your FlightSiteAgent account. Simply transfer the funds into any one of our four bank accounts and quote your FRAG number as the payment reference so that finance can allocate the money to your virtual wallet. You can also request finance to pay out money from your wallet.
  • In some cases, such as busses, instore payments made within a certain time frame can be made.
  1. Manage your moolah: use our handy accounting system

Unless you are a CA or one of those clever finance types, the chances are you’ll need some help to manage your money every month. This means keeping track of who you’ve quoted what, what they owe you, how they paid, how you paid the suppliers as well as which commissions you need to collect versus those that will be paid back to you.

So we’ve developed an easy-to-use accounting report to help you keep track. If you’ve not yet stumbled upon it on our platform, you’ll find it under “Accounts” from where you need to click on “Accounting Reports”.

  1. Keep the deals to yourself

The prices you see on FlightSiteAgent have been specially negotiated on your behalf i.e. your clients cannot get the same prices from the supplier. So in the case of flights and select accommodation, if the fare is R1000 this means that the rate is wholesale i.e. just for you, and you can add on your commission as you see fit.

Even though we know you love your clients, keep the nett fare secret; don’t share it on your social networks or promote in your newsletters or on your website as is; add your commission first and then share away! After all, you’re the one doing the work so make sure you get your pay.

  1. Print it out and stick it on your wall

To make it really easy to remember here’s everything you need know. Unless you’re Mike Ross from the hit series Suits, who remembers everything he ever sees, a useful reminder stuck to your wall will go a long way in helping you manage your money and earn your commissions.

Have any other questions about how to earn an income using FlightSiteAgent? Send us an email to [email protected], give us a call or comment on this post.

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