Extend Your Travel Business with Bleisure

bleisureIn today’s always-connected world there is an increasingly fine line between work and downtime. Introducing bleisure travel, a mixture of business and leisure travel, this trend allows travellers to enjoy some much needed downtime while on a business trip. In a recent survey conducted by Founder’s Card it showed that 81% of entrepreneurs participate in bleisure trips so it’s no secret that this is a great way to grow your travel business.

How to sell bleisure?

According to the BridgeStreet Global Hospitality report the top three bleisure activities include sightseeing, dining and local cultural experiences so be sure to do your homework so that you’re able to advise your client on unique and must-see attractions in the destination in question. This will not only create new revenue streams, it will also help set your travel business apart from your competition through providing a unique and memorable extended stay experience.

First step to selling bleisure is to identify which of your clients travel for business and what destinations they usually visit. Once you have this information you’ll be able to customise relevant travel packages and motivate adding a day or two for personal exploring. There are also many benefits to bleisure travel for both travellers and companies, so by highlighting these perks effectively, you’re on your way to making a sale.

Here are a few benefits to highlight:

  • It cuts travel costs substantially as the company covers the cost for a large portion of the trip
  • It reduces the amount of leave wasted on travel time
  • It allows clients’ the opportunity to recuperate before getting back to a stressful office
  • It allows for a family holiday

Creating a bleisure holiday

It’s important to keep in mind that the leisure part of a bleisure trip can be enjoyed in either the same or different city to that of where the business is taking place. FlightSiteAgent makes it easy to produce quotes, so whether you are looking at a simple return flight or multi-city flight, the process is quick. Once you have gauged your clients’ interest it becomes second nature to add in a few additional options with the requested quote.

Travel insurance is key

Make sure that your client is covered with suitable travel insurance, especially if they are going to be doing manual labour overseas. It is important to remember that there are times when leisure time may not be covered by the company insurance policy, in these cases you will need to ensure your client has their own insurance.  Also be sure to ask your client whether their company has a travel policy. You could save your client a lot of money or find out that something isn’t going to work, depending on what costs the company carries. Remember it is all about helping your client and matching their needs to a nearby destination. For more information see here.

The difference between booking for bleisure vs leisure

Unlike leisure travellers, business travellers generally have a set schedule of when they need to be where. They usually also prefer to stay closer to the conference venue/ office where they need to be, bleisure can be done at any time during a trip even in the evening after business is taken care of, however to get the full experience advise your client to stay on a few extra days.

Keep in mind which visas your client might need so that you don’t run into a situation where your suggested trip requires your client to get three visas without them knowing this in advance.

Here are a few popular bleisure destinations for you to sell:

New York: Often referred to as The Big Apple, New York combines the best of both worlds with a bustling city centre that is home to many Fortune 500 companies’ headquarters as well as some of the hottest restaurants and shopping districts.

Bangkok: Bangkok has recently emerged as one of the top business destinations due to its booming tech sector and has become an attractive conference destination for budget-conscious companies. A visit to Life Bangkok, one of the largest aquariums in Southeast Asia, or a ride on a glass bottom boat through the shark tank and authentic meal at one of the local hotspots are encouraged. Connecting flights to Phuket are also fairly quick and affordable, making that dream island break that much more affordable.

Singapore: Instead of the usual in-and-out business trip to Singapore, why not suggest that your client adds a day or two to enjoy a long weekend in paradise to soak up the sun? Just a mere 45-minute ferry ride from Singapore is Bintan, where your client can indulge in a round of golf, shopping or water sports.

London: With attractions ranging from the London Eye and the Big Ben to the Tate Modern, the Big Smoke has much to offer clients after a stressful day at work. The large underground network also makes it easy to move from the business district to the touristy areas.

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